Virtual Reality Post-Production Services

Video Caddy (VCD) team of post-production Virtual Reality (VR) editing pros support most businesses, ad agencies, or video studios scale up workforce and resources to handle the unique demands of virtual reality production that aren’t practical. In addition to capital outlays for software and hardware, Video Caddy eliminates your time and expense required to train your people in new techniques and processes, and the possibly deleterious effect this can have on other ongoing projects and your balance sheet.

Let Video Caddy carry the load. Our proven track record and decades of experience in the video field means that we can handle your projects, whether large or small. Our people have the experience and cutting-edge expertise to create the VR experience you want, whether you’re developing an immersive demo, a live-event experience, or any one of a number of the exciting new presentation formats that virtual reality can create.

Why Use Our Virtual Reality Editing Team?

Video Caddy has the dedicated infrastructure you need on your side when creating VR presentations:

  • Expert Consultation and Advice

    Expert Consultation and Advice

    Got a great idea, but not quite sure how to make it happen? Our professionals will work with you to make your ideas emerge as fully-formed, well thought out virtual reality experiences, incorporating your ideas into the right platforms to support your vision.

  • State of the Art Digital Rendering

    State of the Art Digital Rendering

    We can create photo-realistic 3D environments from your source material, creating realistic and immersive environments.

  • VR Headset

    Support For All Major Platforms

    Whatever the VR platform you choose, Video Caddy will support it; we are familiar with all current headsets like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and others.

Put Video Caddy on the VR job

Video Caddy is ready to take on the job of producing your 360 Video. Here are some of the advantages of working with us:

  • High Standards Video Caddy follows strict ISO quality standards. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer support, quick turnaround time, and accurate throughput.
  • Secure Data Your information is protected throughout our process chain. We protect all your data on our in-house servers with strict physical and digital protocols and access points.
  • Skilled Staff Our video editors bring years of experience to their craft, and are continually trained to stay updated and use the latest versions of professional-grade editing software.
  • Advanced Technical Infrastructure Dedicated high-speed connections and state-of-the-art workstations ensure quick data transfer and allow us to run the latest video editing software quickly and efficiently.
  • A Competitive Rate Structure We are proud of the services we offer, and happy that we can serve you at a rate that is very much competitive across the industry.

Virtual Reality Video Can Work For You

Companies are putting Video Caddy to work for them to create a variety of virtual reality video experiences. Here’s just a few of the different types of projects we can help you with:

  • Implementing effective business and research project collaboration – With virtual reality you can create and implement innovative approaches to collaboration with remote workers by creating “virtual spaces” where team members can collaborate. No more frustrating sessions of screen sharing when working on important projects. Instead, imagine remote colleagues being able to view and interact with virtual models and prototypes from wherever they are.
  • Create innovative team communication opportunities – Conference calls will never be the same when you can employ virtual reality to let all the stakeholders in your business have the opportunity to experience a virtual real-time interaction. It’s a much more effective way of communicating than a teleconference or Skype interaction.
  • Promote your business with tradeshow and event marketing – Imagine the potential of presenting a virtual reality experience to potential customers at trade shows or conferences. You’ll save the money required for larger exhibit areas, and create positive buzz about your business.
  • Creating realistic training environments and simulations – Simulations will be much more effective as training aids when paired with virtual reality environments.
  • Prototype visualization and actualization – Virtual reality provides amazing opportunities to let your team and other stakeholders explore, interact, and visualize new designs and prototypes. This can save time and money in the early stages of product development.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Video Caddy – A Perfect Fit

Virtual reality is the next big thing in video, and you risk being left behind if you don’t get a foot in the door now. Video Caddy brings you years of video experience, cutting-edge capabilities and specialized knowledge in the field of video production when you collaborate with us. So if you’re ready to create innovative and compelling VR experiences to benefit your customers, clients, and employees, get in touch with us now. Our expertise will help you create what you’re looking for without incurring the big upfront costs of putting together your own virtual reality post-production team.


  • "It's wonderful, thank you - a really good edit. I know it can't be easy working on these files when there's so many mistakes and retakes!" Production Manager, Educational Video Company, UK
  • "We have over 15 weddings to shoot and manage for this month. We are very happy with the editing job you guys have done" Chief Production Manager, Canada
  • "From companies across the globe, different quotes, the quality during the trial period helped us decide our new partner." Director, Pharmaceutical Company, Netherlands.
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