Turnaround Time

When it comes to outsourcing a project, it’s one thing to save money, but budgets are only important as long as the project remains on time. More than anything, you need to know that the finished project will be completed and back in hand within the time originally quoted by your contractor or faster.

To ensure none of our customers ever has to worry about turnaround time or losing money while they wait for deliverables, Video Caddy strives to adhere to strict ISO quality standards and maintain a 99.9% SLA on turnaround time. If we give you a deadline, you will receive the final product on or before that date. More importantly, we have crafted our team and workflow processes to ensure we can provide some of the fasted turnaround time in the industry without any sacrifices to quality.

Quality Standards Translate to Fast Turnaround Time

Early in our history, we discovered that quality and speed go hand in hand. By maintaining strict quality standards, regularly checking in with each of our staff members and streamlining everything to the point of extreme efficiency we are able to provide exceptional turnaround time without any sacrifices to quality.

At the start of your project we will provide an estimate of the time it will take to complete that task - and we guarantee that we will provide 99.9% accuracy on delivery to that time, often delivering ahead of schedule. Our business is built on reliability - our clients keep coming back because they know they can get the finished product fast and at their standards of quality. We have buffed and polished our system to ensure this is the case and that few if any other firms can match our turnaround time estimates.

During each project we follow up with team members regularly to ensure that there are no personal level issues that could slow the project. Because we maintain a deep talent pool and strict oversight standards, we are able to make changes rapidly if a problem does develop to ensure it never impacts the delivery of your final project. Your feedback will also be solicited throughout the project so we can make adjustments and improvements where necessary.

Speed and Quality Can Go Hand in Hand

Too often we feel like clients are forced to choose between quality and speed. Either get a project in hand tomorrow or get it done right, but in a week. Video Caddy strives to deliver both with every project we undertake and our turnaround time policies reflect that. When you hire us for your audio, video or animation creation and editing needs, you can rest assured that we will always be done on time and with a high quality product. Contact Video Caddy today to learn more about what we can do for you.



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Turnaround Time

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