Character Creation Services

Characters are used in dozens of products, productions, films, advertisements and more. These mascots, feature characters or illustrated models are a necessity in a world where character and personality are what ultimately connect with any one audience. They need to be accurately represented, professionally drawn and ready for integration into your next campaign.

That’s why Video Caddy offers comprehensive character creation services for marketing firms, advertising agencies, gaming corporations or retailing giants. We provide comprehensive and in-depth development services for all types of businesses designed to ensure that you have the highest quality and most accurately depicted mascot or illustrated characters for your next project - whether a villain in a video game or a mascot for your next ad campaign.

Video Caddy’s Character Creation Services

Character creation is a valuable service in a number of fields. We offer a range of solutions to match each of these possible fields, including:

The goal of our illustrators is to determine how best to match the style, feel and look of your campaign or product and imbue each of the characters we design with life and energy to match. We work tirelessly to do just this and will strive in every component of our work to ensure you have the best possible finished product.

Benefits of Outsourcing Character Creation to Video Caddy

Video Caddy strives in everything we do to provide the highest level of quality, affordable rates to match your budget and a customer service experience that makes your job as easy as possible. Over the course of more than half a decade in the industry we have done just this and are excited at the opportunity to work with you. Other benefits of outsourcing character creation projects to Video Caddy include:

  • Exceptional Turnaround Time Following ISO quality standards, we strive to reduce turnaround time and ensure 99.9% adherence to your project.
  • Certified, Highly Trained Illustrators We hire only the best illustrators in the field and continuously train them to ensure high-quality work.
  • Volume Discounts and Lower Costs With low base rates and volume discounts, you can be sure you’ll stay under budget when you choose Video Caddy.
  • 24/6 Customer Service We offer 24/6 customer service and up time to match the urgency and nature of your project.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Using Mac and Windows machines, top tier animation technologies and a 100Mbps dedicated connection, we can work quickly to finish your projects.
  • Animation Talents The talents of our animators are second to none, ensuring top notch final products without a dent in your budget.

Contact Video Caddy today and learn why we are a trusted provider for so many game studies, film companies and advertising firms when it comes to all of their character creation needs. We can customize our services to match your specific needs and ensure the final product you receive is exactly what you visualized for your project.

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