Data Security at Video Caddy

When you hire outsource your video and audio editing needs to an offshore firm, the first thing you want to ensure is that your company’s intellectual property, internal data and proprietary business data will be protected. You want to know that during transfer, when in use and in our physical location it will be kept safe at all times.

That’s why Video Caddy strives to continuously improve, upgrade and enhance our security procedures to ensure your data is protected throughout the duration of a project and beyond. We utilize multiple layers of careful security, legally, physically and digitally to protect your data from unauthorized access or use by any of our team or outside factors.

The first step in this process is the use of a Non-Disclosure Agreement for each our customers. While not required, it is highly recommended that this form be filled out and signed by each customer and our quality team to ensure your peace of mind and legal protection against data loss or unauthorized access.

Our Data Security Procedures

Video Caddy uses a combination of physical and digital protections to ensure your data is kept safe from the start of a project to the end. Combining physical protection of the premises where your data is stored with a custom built VPN and an ongoing audit process to ensure your data is always secure, we can ensure that all due diligence is given to its protection.

Every email we receive and send is fully encrypted and we store all backed up data off site to ensure there are no leaks. Project documents and data are either returned or destroyed (per your instructions) when a project is completed and to ensure there are no disruptions in the future.

Additional security procedures followed by Video Caddy include:

  • All workstations are locked and can only be accessed by those with authorization
  • All buildings are locked and have keycarded access
  • To access data, users must login to ID specific terminals
  • All employees sign strict NDAs
  • Digital signatures are collected for all work and projects completed
  • We use our own customized Cisco VPN tunnel top maintain a secure network

Combined with a Cisco PIX firewall to block external ports and to ensure all connections remain 100% secure, data transfers between our offices and clients cannot be compromised. We also use physical surveillance to ensure no unauthorized access to the data in our buildings and regular audits of all physical materials.

Whatever your video production, editing or animation needs, know that when you contact Video Caddy you are getting a company dedicated to protecting your data and ensuring optimal quality in all materials we deliver.



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