Product Video Editing Services

One of the most important things you can do as a business is present a new product to your target audience, potential investors and the news media. The first impression and all subsequent presentations will have a direct effect on what people perceive when they see or hear about your product, so it needs to be good. That’s why product video editing is such an important component of your marketing campaigns.

If you are ready to integrate a professional product video editing firm into your marketing team, call Video Caddy. For more than half a decade we have provided exceptional service to businesses like yours around the globe, producing product demo videos, promotional videos and life-cycle videos to showcase the features and benefits of a new product or service and ensure it touches a chord with your target audience.

Product Video Editing Services We Offer

When it comes to corporate video editing, our goal is to match the specific needs of your company’s marketing and branding materials. For this reason, we offer comprehensive services including:

  • Product Demo Videos We can help you create and edit your product demo videos. These demo videos can be used to promote your business at trade shows and on online platforms to convince potential investors.
  • Product Promotion Videos If you want your finished product to be promoted on online media or trade publications, we can create a product promotion video that will perfectly capture the nature of that product to reach target audience.
  • Product Life-Cycle Videos We can also develop comprehensive videos that will visualize and showcase the full life cycle of your products, elaborating on your marketing, financing, and manufacturing strategies.

The goal of our video editing team is to produce content that perfectly illustrates and visualizes the benefits, features and life cycles of your products for marketing purposes.

Why Outsource Product Video Editing to Video Caddy?

If you want your finished product videos to look just right, contact Video Caddy and ensure you receive:

  • ISO Quality Standards Our work is measured and maintained by ISO quality standards for quality, turnaround time, training and internal security.
  • Data Security Our security system is designed to limit access, monitor use and ensure safety of your data.
  • Skilled Staff We hire only highly-skilled individuals and with ongoing training, ensure exceptional finished product videos. This makes our editing talent second to none at a price you can afford.
  • Competitive Rates Our rates are very competitive, offering savings as high as 60% over the price of performing your edits in-house.
  • Infrastructure Using Mac and PC machines and software including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and Edius Pro, and with a backup team always in place for spikes in workload, we ensure quick and accurate completion of your project requirements.

If you would like to learn more about all of our corporate video editing services, contact Video Caddy today and ask to talk with one of our product video editing professionals.


  • "It's wonderful, thank you - a really good edit. I know it can't be easy working on these files when there's so many mistakes and retakes!" Production Manager, Educational Video Company, UK
  • "We have over 15 weddings to shoot and manage for this month. We are very happy with the editing job you guys have done" Chief Production Manager, Canada
  • "From companies across the globe, different quotes, the quality during the trial period helped us decide our new partner." Director, Pharmaceutical Company, Netherlands.
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