Outsource Video Brochure Creation

One of the most effective forms of marketing is the video brochure, and as video technology becomes flexible and more readily available, it is possible to create more powerful, targeted videos that match the specific needs of each of your potential clients, prospects and more. That’s why you need a firm that can handle all of your video brochure editing and creation needs.

Video Caddy offers comprehensive video brochure creation and video brochure editing services designed to match the specific needs of your company based on your services, products, brand culture and current marketing campaigns. If you are interested in learning more about corporate video brochure creation or any of our other video editing services, contact us today.

Video Brochure Services We Offer

Because we understand how important a video brochure can be in the marketing of your products and services, we offer comprehensive solutions matched to the specific needs of individual industries. Our services include:

When the time comes to have a new video brochure created for your business, the first thing you should do is contact a company with expertise working with the technology and formats needed to best present that information - Video Caddy.

Why Outsource Video Brochure Services to Video Caddy?

If you need video brochures created or edited, the first thing you should do is contact Video Caddy as we offer:

Contact the experts of Video Caddy today for all of your video brochure creation and editing needs, whether for a new or ongoing marketing campaign.


  • "It's wonderful, thank you - a really good edit. I know it can't be easy working on these files when there's so many mistakes and retakes!" Production Manager, Educational Video Company, UK
  • "We have over 15 weddings to shoot and manage for this month. We are very happy with the editing job you guys have done" Chief Production Manager, Canada
  • "From companies across the globe, different quotes, the quality during the trial period helped us decide our new partner." Director, Pharmaceutical Company, Netherlands.
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