Advertising Jingle Creation

Some of the most successful advertisements of all time centered on a simple musical track, and good jingle producers are in high demand today. Jingle Creation is a unique talent, requiring several elements to come together to form a memorable theme consumers will connect with you and your business.

Video Caddy is here to produce a distinct advertisement jingle that captures the essence of your business and product. When used with radio and television ads, an exclusive melody associated with your business helps to attract new customers and puts your company ahead of the rest.

Working to create custom jingles, we link the music and lyrics to your core marketing messages. As a jingle production company, we aim to produce jingles for commercials that consumers will remember. Whether you are a business looking to carve your niche or a video production company or advertising agency with work producing jingles, Video Caddy will not disappoint.

We offer pricing to fit your needs—either hourly rates or full time equivalent (FTE). We will provide you with the best option for your project.

Jingle Creation Team Capabilities at Video Caddy

Ad Jingle

The Video Caddy’s talented team is experienced in many forms of jingle creation. We write the lyrics and music, hire singers and record the jingles for commercials at broadcast quality levels.

Producing custom jingles are our specialty. Weather for radio or television, or both, we ensure the music and the quality of the production is second to none. We will provide you with as many timed versions as you request: 60 second, 30 second, 15 and 10 seconds, on a compact disc or as a MP3 file or downloadable files.

Video Caddy specializes in creating unique jingles for any medium you request. We’ll talk to you to discuss your goals, objectives and outcomes to ensure the product we deliver meets your expectations.

Advertising Jingle Creation Quality Assurance

Video Caddy only hires the best and the most talented people to produce jingles for commercials and businesses. We specialize in a wide range of products for every conceivable need. You relay the type of mood you want the jingle to evoke—sad, serious, funny, upbeat or light. We promise to deliver the jingle creation that best suits your current need.

  • About 15 years’ experience
  • Business to business jingle creation
  • International business community, serving clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.
  • Tailor jingle to variety of outlets to include radio, television, Internet, telephone and intercom systems
  • Creative writers and composers
  • Maintain original on file for future changes, edits or to transmit directly to advertising markets per your request
  • 24/6 customer service
  • Suite of packages to meet your needs
  • Maintain a strict system to protect your private data
  • Competitive pricing with some of the top jingle producers in the industry
  • Non Disclosure Agreements signed by all staffers keeps your information confidential and safe
  • Efficient and timely delivery
  • In house servers block outside access for secure transfer and delivery of data
  • Jingle creation for use with corporate, training and motivational video products

Jingle Creation Pricing

Video Caddy incorporates competitive pricing for the advertisement jingle market. We offer two different types: hourly or FTE. When we meet with you to discuss your needs, we help you determine which plan is best suited to you.

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