Titling Animation

Whether you are producing a feature film, a short animation or a commercial for use in major TV markets, titling are an extremely important element of the process. Integrating the credits, titles, subtitles or marketing messages that deliver the most possible oomph to your audience requires specific expertise in this field and a keen eye for how best to match the style of the video without intruding on it.

That’s why Video Caddy is a good fit for all of your titling animation service. We have worked with a number of different teams around the globe over more than half a decade to perfectly match the style and format of their videos to produce high quality, unobtrusive, yet eye-catching titling animation and commercial animation that fits their exact needs. If you are ready to do the same, contact us today to learn more.

Titling Animation Services Offered

Our animators have worked extensively with a range of different technologies and are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure they can match whatever format and style of video you’ve created. Combined with years in the field and highly creative perspectives, they can create titling animations that are designed to perfectly fit your video. This can include:

Whatever your titling animation needs, we have the technology and expertise to get the job done right, so contact us today.

Benefits of Titling Animation Services Outsourcing to Video Caddy

Our staff has been working with experts in video production field for years and can ensure your final product looks perfect. We do this through:

  • Adherence to ISO Standards Our adherence to ISO standards ensures 99.9% SLA for fast turnaround time, quick response time to problems and high quality in the final product.
  • Animation Talent Our animation talent is among the best skilled in the industry, ensuring we can maintain high standards of quality for all of our clients while keeping costs down.
  • Highly Trained Staff We hire only those with at least 2-5 years of experience in their field and provide ongoing training to ensure optimal quality in all future projects.
  • Security for Your Data You can rest easy knowing your data is protected against unauthorized access, loss or theft with our internal security procedures.
  • Competitive Rates to Match Your Budget Our rates are highly competitive against those of our competitors and in-house alternatives.
  • Infrastructure Our goal is to ensure your projects are always performed on time and to a high standard of quality. To maintain these standards, even when workload increases we have 50Mbps of dedicated bandwidth, a backup workforce and use only the newest Mac and PC machines for all projects.

Whatever your titling animation needs, know that the experts of Video Caddy are here to work with you ever step of the way in getting the job done right.

Case Study

Netherlands-based Marketing and Branding Solutions Company Outsourced Their 2D Animation Project to Video Caddy for a Top-notch Finish. [Read More..]

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  • "From companies across the globe, different quotes, the quality during the trial period helped us decide our new partner." Director, Pharmaceutical Company, Netherlands.
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