Logo Animation

Your logo represents everything about your company that you want prospects, customers, and employees to know. So, what better way to present that logo and garner attention from your audience than by animating it? Proper 2D animation or 3D animation applied to your logo can result in a beautiful finished product that perfectly reflects everything your brand represents.

As a logo animation company, Video Caddy offers comprehensive logo animation services to match the specific needs of your business. We will work with you to ensure we perfectly represent and present your logo for whatever the finished product will be used in. Whether for a corporate video, training materials or flash animation, we have the expertise and experience on staff needed to get the job done right.

Logo Animation Services by Video Caddy

Logo animation is a perfect way to capture the look and feel of your brand in living color. We offer a range of logo animation services designed to ensure the finished product perfectly matches that look. They include:

The goal of a good logo animation is presenting your brand in an eye-catching way. When you hire the experts at Video Caddy, which is exactly what you will get.

Benefits of Outsource Logo Animation Services to Video Caddy

If you are considering outsourcing your logo animation needs, know that we offer the following to each of our customers:

  • ISO Quality Standards Our workflow is built around ISO standards for quality in work, including 99.9% SLA on turnaround time, multiple quality checks, repeated feedback checks from clients, and guaranteed accuracy.
  • Data Security Security of your data and finished products is of paramount importance to our team, meaning all data is protected by physically and digitally.
  • Quality Standards and Skilled Staff Our staff is highly skilled and diverse enough to ensure each project is assigned to someone with specific skillset and experience.
  • Competitive Rates We offer very competitive rates for all animation services to ensure you remain under budget without sacrificing quality.
  • Animator Skill Animator skills are second to none as we seek out only animators with at least 2 years of experience, while keeping costs down for you.
  • Infrastructure Our infrastructure is built around a fast 50Mbps dedicated connection, brand new Mac & PC workstations and software, and a backup team on call for workload spikes.

If you are interested in outsourcing logo animation services to a professional firm,
contact the experts of Video Caddy today.

Case Study

Netherlands-based Marketing and Branding Solutions Company Outsourced Their 2D Animation Project to Video Caddy for a Top-notch Finish. [Read More..]

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